Monarch Project 6

Our yearlong conservation project for the monarch butterfly migration had many successes. My students  raised over 200 monarch butterflies in the classroom and collected data over their gender, release date, and presence of parasitoids. These eggs were found on native milkweed in the local area. The students tagged and released each butterfly and submitted numbers online with Monarch Watch. They installed two pollinator gardens filled with nectar and host plants. The gardens were monitored for eggs and larvae weekly and data was submitted to Monarch Larva Monitor Project. The year ended with our outreach program ‘Emerging Leaders’ where 65 sixth graders taught first graders at Fort Worth public schools about the migration, life cycle, reproduction, and conservation for the monarch. The year ended with Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price signing the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge with my students. The celebration ended with Mayor Price releasing our first monarch of the 2017 season. The mayor and the students together will complete five actions of conservation with the National Wildlife Federation!

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